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It’s terrible hot outside and that seems to affect my abilities a little. I’m writing the second book in my new series Race to My Heart. Usually I like summer, but sometimes I the temperatures make me not want to open my laptop. When I do open it I lie in bed with it on my lap and it’s making me even hotter.

So. for today, I decided to write my story the old fashion way. I’m gonna visit some friends too and have some fresh air. I can’t take my laptop with me, – I mean I can but I don’t want to – so a notebook and a pencil seems better. Yes, I know the picture features a pen, but ink it’s harder to erase in case I want to change something in my novel. Right now, I’m trying very hard to find a logical timeline for the events in the story and I never thought it will be so damn difficult.

Wish me luck.

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