My Books

Race To My Heart

Win the race or lose the girl! Kai Morganstein is twenty-six and on top of the world. He’s won the 2011 Formula 1 championship. After winning his fifth race of the current season, the team wants to celebrate. But all Kai wants is to go to a different party or go to sleep. However, this party is a little different because he meets a nice girl. His manager is really strict when it comes to alcohol, food, or women. Now Kai can understand why he has to limit his drinking and why he has to stay fit, and up until he met this girl, he even understood why he had to stay away from relationships, but he likes her too much to give her up. Also, he enjoys teasing his manager. So he gets the girl, at least for one night. But he wakes up alone the next morning, without even knowing her name. And after the weird story she told him, he’s really suspicious and decides he wants to find and help her. When he discovers her story, Kai ends up signing a deal with her boss. However, Joe Franco is pressed by a third party to accept the deal even though he doesn’t agree with it. And because of that he sabotages Kai’s races.

The Accident

The Accident is a paranormal romance story that presents Miruna who meets a mysterious young man which seems to follow her everywhere. Soon, she realizes that she is the only one who can see him, but he is not a ghost and she's pretty sure he is not just the result of her imagination, either. He has a secret mission. Will she find out what is all about with this man and what is he hiding?

More Than Gold

Brian Schultz and his best friend, Simon, get stranded on a deserted island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. But they don’t worry too much about it, because Brian is an important person and everyone is going to look for him. Since they’re on the island that is supposed to hide a great pirates’ treasure, Brian and Simon start looking for it. That’s when a secret makes its way between them, pushing them apart but also bringing them together in more ways than one.

A Boyfriend for Christmas

Hope Parker dreads this year’s Christmas party that takes place at her parents’ house. Her mom has set up another blind date for her and Hope is really tired of these. So when she meets a handsome man at the train station she comes up with a plan to escape her mom’s date. Unfortunately, her plan takes a small detour when the train goes off the tracks and she’s forced to spend the night with the man at an inn in a close by town.