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Christmas and Summer Short Stories

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When I first heard about the Christmas stories that eXtasy Books planned for December, I was like But I don’t like winter! Okay, Christmas is nice. The Christmas tree and the decoration are all nice. But the season itself? No.

That’s what I told my husband at the time. I mean, I love summer and sun, and the sun’s warmth. (Yes, the heat. I love the heat. I prefer the heat.) I like stories where girls can wear pretty dresses and where they can swim in the ocean.

However, after a while an interesting story began taking roots in my head.

Behold the result!


I really proud of it. For a first winter short story, I think I did pretty good. You can find the details in the My books section. It’s only fifty pages and I believe it’s awesome to read it in front of a nice burning fire in a big fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa by your side.

Now, eXtasy launched another short stories call. The Summer short stories. Useless to say, I was in heaven when I read about it. My hopes went down really fast when I realized that in spite of my liking Summer I don’t actually have any ideas for a short stories. When I finally managed to put together an idea, just one, I had the scary surprise of having to limit it at 10k words.

So I started on changing it in my head to fit the profile.

I’m writing it right now and I really hope I can stop at 10k. Since the Christmas short had to be under 12k and I wrote 12500, I’d say I have a good chance.

Wish me luck.



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