Waiting for Summer

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  I live in Europe and the weather has been kinda crazy this Winter. And that’s not all! Have you heard about the earthquakes from Italy? Or that hotel that was buried in snow, though I don’t know if that was in Europe, but anyway. So, curtesy of my publisher eXtasy Books, I’ve been thinking […]


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You know that moment when the sound on your laptop doesn’t work anymore and you’re usually too lazy to put on your headphones, but today you just felt like it and can’t decide what to listen to? Yeah, that’s me right now! This was my first and only choice, since my darling husband came home […]


Looking for Reviews.

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Hello everyone! I’m looking for some honest reviewers for my new book. I offer a free digital copy for an amazon/goodreads review. So if you are a blogger and like reading romance send me an e-mail at Also feel free to recommend it to other bloggers.


Writing, writing, writing

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It’s terrible hot outside and that seems to affect my abilities a little. I’m writing the second book in my new series Race to My Heart. Usually I like summer, but sometimes I the temperatures make me not want to open my laptop. When I do open it I lie in bed with it on […]

race to my heart

Now available on Amazon and other sites!

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Hello, book fans!   My newest book is now available on Amazon and other book sites for easier access. Enjoy! It’s been fun writing it and I can’t wait to finish the second book of the series. I hope I’ll hear from you soon. Feel free to e-mail me your opinion and suggestions. […]


Favorite Books #2

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Pages: 24 Publisher: Self-Published Year: 2014 Rating according to Amazon: 5 Stars Description: This is a collection of amazing sayings of famous people talking about love and the meaning of it. Quotes like: “Who, being loved, is poor?” by Oscar Wilde or “Love is the greatest refreshment in life” by Pablo Picaso. Quotes that will […]


My Favorite Books #1

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I’m going to post about books that I really enjoyed once in a while. I’m not very good with reviews, so at first I’m just going to post the cover and the description and links where you can find it and, in time, I’ll try to make better posts. Just bear with me. Pages: 402 […]