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Finally Out!

It is out! And it has been for a while now! Happy reading everyone! Hugs and kisses!


Waiting for Summer

  I live in Europe and the weather has been kinda crazy this Winter. And that’s not all! Have you heard about the earthquakes from Italy? Or that hotel that was buried in snow, though I don’t know if that was in Europe, but anyway. So, curtesy of my publisher eXtasy Books, I’ve been thinking […]


Christmas and Summer Short Stories

When I first heard about the Christmas stories that eXtasy Books planned for December, I was like But I don’t like winter! Okay, Christmas is nice. The Christmas tree and the decoration are all nice. But the season itself? No. That’s what I told my husband at the time. I mean, I love summer and […]

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Race To My Heart

Win the race or lose the girl! Kai Morganstein is twenty-six and on top of the world. He’s won the 2011 Formula 1 championship. After winning his fifth race of the current season, the team wants to celebrate. But all Kai wants is to go to a different party or go to sleep. However, this party is a little different because he meets a nice girl. His manager is really strict when it comes to alcohol, food, or women. Now Kai can understand why he has to limit his drinking and why he has to stay fit, and up until he met this girl, he even understood why he had to stay away from relationships, but he likes her too much to give her up. Also, he enjoys teasing his manager. So he gets the girl, at least for one night. But he wakes up alone the next morning, without even knowing her name. And after the weird story she told him, he’s really suspicious and decides he wants to find and help her. When he discovers her story, Kai ends up signing a deal with her boss. However, Joe Franco is pressed by a third party to accept the deal even though he doesn’t agree with it. And because of that he sabotages Kai’s races.

The Accident

The Accident is a paranormal romance story that presents Miruna who meets a mysterious young man which seems to follow her everywhere. Soon, she realizes that she is the only one who can see him, but he is not a ghost and she's pretty sure he is not just the result of her imagination, either. He has a secret mission. Will she find out what is all about with this man and what is he hiding?

What people say about my books

I liked this book. It was entertaining. It was an easy read and the concept of the book was original. The love story was nice and also had some funny parts. I really liked the idea with the guardian angels organization. I am looking forward for part two.

Goodreads Review review for The Accident on

First of all, I liked the plot. It was a good story, a creative, new idea. I liked the ending very much, because it took me completely by surprise. It did raised a lot of questions, so I’m looking forward for a sequel.

Goodreads Review review for The Accident on

The way this book is written convinced me that this is a true story. The coincidental event that brings the guardian angel into play must occasionally occur and cause a problem for god or the committee who oversee our crazy lives

Paranoid Contracts review of The Accident on

Great romance book, fast read, keeps your attention. Worth reading for anyone who likes this kind of book. I would recommend it to anyone

Amazon Customer review of The Accident on


Original, unusual and believable I would like to hear more about the source of this novel. Understated but one of those that keeps you thinking when you are awake at night, in a positive way!

Paranoid Contracts review of The Accident on